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Congrats, Utah: Uber Will Deign to Enter Your State for Sundance

Enjoy it while it lasts.

The good ol' days! (Photo: http://archive.sltrib.com/)

The good ol’ days! (archive.sltrib.com)

Where busy and important people go, Uber follows. And next week, it will be following them all the way to freaking Utah!

Yes, the venerable Sundance Film Festival is occurring once more on the snowy mountains? plains? vistas? streets? of Park City. Confession: Everything we know about this town we learned from early episodes of Entourage, so we’re not exactly experts. It goes from Jan. 16 to Jan. 27, though, and is sure to be chock full of quirky and/or moving indie films.

Dig Uber’s be-hashtagged blog post to get all of the most important deets about its little field trip. For example, the disruptive car service will be partnering with Acura (#uberacura) all week and donating $1 from every ride in Park City to the Sundance Institute (#ubersundance), which really is nice.

And just in case you didn’t feel poor and dejected yet today, here:

• Uber riders will enjoy amenities in their backseats (that’s what she said!) such as hand warmers, Motley lip balm, Fresh lip gloss and People Water, which sounds salty.

• Uber is partnering with the pop-up Tao nightclub that will also be in town for the week, offering riders $25 promo cards for Tao. It’s also offering Uber-branded touchscreen-friendly gloves “for lucky VIPs,” because those bastards get all the free things!

Oh, and if you want to get a discount from your first Uber ride, just hit up Lindsay Lohan and Neil Patrick Harris for their promo codes.

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