A New York Assemblyman Wants to Ban Use Of Google Glass While Driving

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New York could be the latest state in wanting to ban Google Glass from being used while driving if one politician has his way. 

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) announced yesterday he’s introducing legislation that would restrict motorists from using the Internet-connected face computers because it’s “extremely dangerous technology.” In a press release obtained by Betabeat, he referenced the recent case of a California woman who was ticketed for distracted driving as a reason why his law should be enacted in New York.

Mr. Ortiz said using Glass while driving threatens public safety in the same vein as texting while driving. He writes:

“I will continue the fight to keep our highways safe as I have done for many years,” said Mr. Ortiz. “‘Google Glasses’ are becoming more and more popular and their use across the country is becoming widespread; however, no state currently has a strict prohibition on their use while driving.”

Although Glass isn’t available to the public just yet, participants in its Explorer program have been tinkering with where they can get away from using the camera-equipped devices. Critics of Glass charge that having a computer mounted to your eyeball could be a hindrance to drivers, but Google claims it could make driving safer by keeping drivers awake.

Google has not yet returned our request for comment regarding the potential ban.

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