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Uber Recommends Not Bothering With Uber On New Year’s Eve

Pro tip: There's no surge pricing between your mouth and a bottle of wine at home.

Get ready for this. (Photo: Uber)

Get ready for this. (Photo: Uber)

The only thing that could make New Year’s Eve more miserable (aside from getting thrown up on) is dealing with Uber’s surge pricing. So, the on-demand car service posted a helpful tip guide on its blog yesterday that basically suggest you avoid using it when you’re going to need it most: between midnight and 3 a.m.

Surge pricing is activated when demand is at it’s highest to persuade more drivers to hit the road. But, as exhibited a few weeks ago, the price hikes can be exorbitant and piss off the entirety of New York. Acknowledging that, Uber says you should “avoid the peaks of surge pricing with good timing when you travel” along with a cute graph of the price spikes.

After 8 p.m. prices will gradually rise before dipping slightly before midnight since at that point, you’re going to miss the ball. Then from midnight to 3 a.m., all bets are off if you want to use Uber since it not only going to be difficult to find one, but expensive.

If the surge pricing is more than double,┬áthe app requires users to manually confirm how much they’re paying.

Remember, there’s always the subway, or–gasp– regular ol’ cabs.

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