The City’s Health Department Would Like You to Turn Down Your Headphones

OK, mother.

Turnt down. (Photo: Reddit)

Turnt down. (Photo: Reddit)

First, Spotify doxxed your basic ass taste in music and now the city’s Department of Health is begging you to turn it down. In a public service campaign launched yesterday, the agency urges you to turn down your music not only because it’s terrible, but also for your own safety.

As reported by Gothamist, the health department says that “listening to headphones at high volumes can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and irreversible hearing loss.” That’s quite a long winded way to describe the Imagine Dragons album, you guys.

It warns that the “loud sounds” emitting from your ear buds injure the cells in your head, and once damaged can never be repaired. This results in long term hearing loss that not even Kelly Clarkson’s sweet vocals can repair. The campaign isn’t without its merits since one out of four adults between 18 and 44 admit to having hearing problems.

The solution is simple: turn down the volume of your Billboard 100 playlist. Apparently, we need signs plastered everywhere to remind us that Arianna Grande isn’t good for us. 

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