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Science Confirms Seamless Is Making Us All Fatter

About 6 percent fatter, to be exact.

seamless e1317048286183 Science Confirms Seamless Is Making Us All FatterThere’s something freeing about online food delivery. At the click of the mouse, you can specify your finicky or disgusting food preferences in private. Even your roommates don’t have to know that you requested double sour cream on those 9 a.m. nachos.

So it’s no surprise that we’re all taking advantage of this newfound food service privacy by ordering way more calories when we do it online.

It could also be because we’re all suuuuuuper high.

We’d always suspected this was true, but a recent study from Duke University psychologists solidifies it. The scientists recorded orders at a large regional pizza chain IRL, on the phone and online, Refinery29 reports, and found that online pizza orders were more complex and also 6 percent higher in calories.

Yes, technically, all this means is that people tend to order more when using online services like Seamless. But don’t kid yourselves, we know what you’reĀ doing with that added 6 percent of cals: mindlessly stuffing it down your gullet while you binge watch Netflix and try to remember whether or not you brushed your teeth today.

The profits from online orders were also 21 percent higher in profit per customer, which makes sense because someone’s gotta pay for those 12 extra slabs of pepper jack.

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