Katie Couric’s Part Time Gig at Yahoo Is Apparently Worth $6 Million

She could use the money.

Millionaire. (Photo: Tumblr)

Millionaire. (Photo: Tumblr)

Judging by this salary, Katie Couric just landed the sweetest part-time gig short of working in a Godiva store. The Daily News reports that Yahoo’s newly installed “Global News Anchor” will be raking in $6 million a year for a job that she’ll only do a few hours a month.

The salary rounds out to a million per minute that she’ll be inside Yahoo’s New York offices. The newspaper reports that it will be her “secondary focus” after her talk show, however it is “a significant pay increase” from her special corespondent role at ABC News.

She’ll continue to be paid a comfy $20 million for her flailing talk show. Sagging ratings have prompted rumors that Katie will be axed after this season, so she could use the money.

When the deal was announced last month, Ms. Couric honestly had no idea what she was going to do or when she was going to show up to work for the confused Web company. 

“I will be involved in developing a lot of concepts, but not necessarily doing everything,” Ms. Couric said. “I will be doing interviews, but not on a daily basis. Probably monthly at this point.”

Maybe she could start with fixing Yahoo Mail.

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