Booting Up: Spotify Is Bringing Free Streaming Service to Phones so It’s Time to Up Your Monthly Data

Thanks? (Screengrab:

Thanks? (Screengrab:

The company responsible for Cards Against Humanity charged customers $5 more for the game on Black Friday and sales actually spiked. [Business Insider]

Google Voice Search on Android and iOS will now respond to questions in German, French and Japanese, which is great news if for some reason you speak something other than American. [TechCrunch]

Palantir, the data miner that includes the CIA and FBI in its client base, is poised to value roughly $9 billion following a new round of funding. Who said all your mundane texts were worthless! [Wall Street Journal]

A source confirmed to TechCrunch that Spotify will soon launch limited free mobile access. The music streaming service is expected to announce this at its Dec. 11 event, just before the startup’s top-ranking officials twerk off the stage to Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us.” [TechCrunch]

The Android flashlight app Brightest Flashlight Free (cool name) is being scolded by the Federal Trade Commission for casually tracking users’ locations and sharing that info with third parties. Oopsies! [Techland]

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