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Blake Lively’s New Lifestyle Site ‘Will Be a Site. But Not Necessarily Lifestyle.’

Except for how it's definitely going to be a lifestyle site.
Does this person look like a lifestyle blogger to you?!?! (Yes. The answer is yes.) (Photo: Getty)

Does this person look like a lifestyle blogger to you?!?! (Yes. The answer is yes.) (Photo: Getty)

Blake Lively is a celebrity with such a bland persona, this interview from New York Magazine’s The Cut blog starts out, “Blake Lively walks into the room, chewing.”

What could be less exciting? “Blake Lively lies still, breathing.” That’s it. That’s the only less exciting activity.

Still, we are talking about her. This time, it’s because she’s starting a lifestyle website that isn’t a lifestyle website. She announced it in September by saying to Vogue, “The main element of it is that it’s about storytelling and it’s about living a very one-of-a-kind, curated life, and how to achieve that. There’s nothing like it out there – it’s without a genre.”

Somehow, a bunch of silly bloggers took that to mean she was starting a lifestyle website. Now, she’s taken to The Cut to set the record straight: she’s not starting a lifestyle site. She doesn’t care how similar her plan sounds to Goop, the lifestyle site owned and operated by Gwyneth Paltrow, the willowy blond cyborg to whom Ms. Lively already owes roughly 80 percent of her cultural DNA.

“Yes, it will be a site,” she tells The Cut in today’s interview. “But not necessarily lifestyle.”

The Cut asks if the site will include food.

“Yes,” Ms. Lively says. “You cannot be around me without talking about food. It’s a little bit of everything.”

Food. Effortlessly chill, blonde California glam curator. “A little bit of everything.”

Girl, that is a lifestyle site. Ask Ms. Paltrow and the legions of type-A stay-at-home moms who populate Pinterest.

Another clue: Ms. Lively also told Vogue she’d be using the site to chronicle her many skills that aren’t acting. “I have so many passions outside of acting and things that I grew up being good at and that I don’t utilise when acting,” she said. “Acting was something that my family did so I just kind of got into it by default, but there was so much that I cultivated, thinking that I wouldn’t be an actor.”

Most people get into selling insurance or landscaping by default, but not Ms. Lively. Acting is just something she stumbled into, Bambi-like, while beating all the boys at tennis and preparing a flawless pie crust with a stamped Chanel logo motif.

What are all these other interests, anyway? Well, she gushes about being a “huge fan” of Goop, and loving Pinterest, Etsy, Bon AppetitMartha Stewart Living, the Cheesecake Factory, cookbooks that she has but does not deign to “really cook from,” and “motorcycle Tumblrs.”

So, yeah, definitely not a lifestyle site.

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