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Barack Obama Is Not Allowed to Use an iPhone So Being President Pretty Much Sucks

Not even a 4?
So ashamed. (Photo: Getty)

So ashamed. (Photo: Getty)

Barack Obama must be looking forward to the end of his presidency, what with the job’s grueling hours, the Obamacare website backlash, and the constant stream of vitriol aimed at him by the opposition.

But this latest news really makes it seem like life in the White House isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Mr. Obama admitted on Wednesday that he isn’t allowed to use an iPhone because they’re not secure enough, Yahoo reports.

And he doesn’t even get to settle for a Samsung Galaxy or a Droid. Instead, like your insurance salesman uncle who rants and raves throughout Thanksgiving dinner about how technology is our future, he’s still rocking a BlackBerry.

Although the prez isn’t allowed an iPhone, Yahoo says he told a group of spotty youths at the White House that his daughters are obsessed with theirs.

A BlackBerry and an active Pinterest account? This is dorky even by dad standards. Sasha and Malia, let us know if you need help staging an intervention.

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