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Suggest Boro Taxi Stands On This New City Website So We Never Have to Walk Again

Are they NBC 4 or ABC 7 cabs?
Hi. (Photo: Boro Taxi)

Coming for you. (Photo: Boro Taxi)

Look alive, denizens of the outer boroughs! This is our time to shine if we finally want to get some damn cab service out to the sticks. Today, Mayor Bloomberg announced the next phase of his ambitious Boro Taxis plan: A website that’s going to become increasingly useless. 

In a joint release with the Taxi and Limousine Commission, Mayor Bloomberg said that more than 1,000 mint green passengers are now trawling the streets of the outer boroughs and northern Manhattan–and more will be eventually roll out. Over the next three years, more than 18,000 licenses will be issued so you can hopefully avoid the G for life.

But buried in the announcement was the establishment of, a very green website that i sseeking input on where to place taxi hail stands. It’s an interactive map of New York after an infestation of algae, where bored desk lackeys can suggest where said stands will go. The vox populi then votes if they would use that suggested stand.

For the past few hours, little dots have been proliferating in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Harlem. Sadly, no one in Staten Island has any ideas.

Although it’s a valiant effort from Mayor Bloomberg to pretend he still cares during his lame duck session, the website is just going to eventually be filled with little dots all over the map as people suggest stands every five feet.

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