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Rumor Roundup: Tumblr’s Spooktacular Halloween Party and Techies Flee to the Emerald Isle

(Photo: @missambear, Twitter)

(Photo: @missambear, Twitter)

Tumblr Goes Hard Taking a break from reblogging, faving and figuring out when their shares are going to vest, Tumblr employees threw themselves a cute little Halloween party. We spotted them sharing some photos on rival social network Twitter, but it looked like they were having a good time. The sales team dressed up as the cast of Spring Breakers, Betaworks’ golden child Poncho was spotted in the crowd and some jokester decided to be a Yahoo! employee. That forced smile and suit looks rigid enough to fit in the corporate world, so well done.

3D and Me For Halloween, Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis dressed up as “the Stanford Bunny,” which, according to Wikipedia, is “a computer graphics 3D test model developed by Greg Turk and Marc Levoy in 1994 at Stanford University.” He wore a gigantic rabbit mask on his head and, presumably, scared the dickens out of half the kids in Brooklyn.

Erin go bragh Many of America’s techies could be found an ocean away this week, in Dublin, Ireland for the Web Summit conference. All the usual suspects were there, from Evernote’s Phil Lubin to Box’s Aaron Levie. (Also, Tony Hawk?) But you probably won’t be surprised who arrived with his usual flair for the dramatic. “Prime minster of Ireland and Elon musk just made their grand entrance in a tesla,” reported Business Insider’s Alyson Shontell via Twitter at one point.

The pair appeared onstage together at the conference in a panel moderated by investor Shervin Pishevar, reports the Irish Times. Mr. Musk suggested that Ireland make higher-level engineering studies free and open to the entire world, provided you’re willing to stick around the island nation afterward.

Mr. Pishevar also posted a photo from the backseat of the very same vehicle on Path, declaring it the “First ever Tesla S in all of Ireland.” Dropbox’s Drew Houston rode along, as well.

Afterward, everyone decamped to some sort of gathering that included, of all people, the kid who plays the loathsome King Joffrey on Game of Thrones. The scarf-clad youngster snapped photos with both Ms. Shontell and Google Ventures’ Kevin Rose.


DIY-ley Cyrus With Halloween on the way, human “Keep Calm” poster Brit Morin apparently had a hankering to channel her inner improv dork. She enlisted one of her minions, Misty Spinney (whose parents named her that because they knew one day she’d be a Brit+Co. blogger), to take pictures of Ms. Morin posing in a slew of “pop culture costumes.”

The CEO got way way into character for each of the nine suggested costumes. The Miley look is probably the highlight:

Dedication. (Screengrab:

Dedication. (Screengrab:

For the record, Ms. Morin, if you wanna cash in your (homemade organic kale) chips and pursue a career starring in screwball romantic comedies, we’ll be here to document it.

BOO-ber Car sharing service Uber got into the Halloween spirit by replacing their already spooky black cars with flying witches. It’s pretty cute idea but the idea of surge pricing is enough to spook us out.

Also, CEO Travis Kalanick shared some vital data via Twitter: “Thursday night Halloween festivities get going in New York at about 7:47pm.” There are endless possibilities for what you could do with this info, the most appealing of which is to stay home, safe from drunken loons, from 7:46 onward.

Cool runnings Urban Compass CEO Robert Reffkin is running the New York Marathon Sunday. This will, in fact, be his 50th marathon, in the 50th state. (He’s been at it since 2007.) His goal is to raise $1 million for nonprofits for disadvantaged youth, and he’s hit the $912,000 mark so far. Damn. Here’s the donation page if you’re feeling generous.

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