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Kanye Uses Yeezus Tour’s Screaming Fans to Shame Eric Schmidt Into Investing

It's better than leaving a dead horse head in his bed?
Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 20, 2013

Kanye West giving great fur collar in SoHo last week.

Further proving that his spectacular Yeezus tour is actually a cover for a DONDA fundraising round, Kanye West used his screaming audience to pursue an investment from Eric Schmidt at the Madison Square Garden show on Saturday night.

He repeatedly interrupted his set, Complex reports, to inform the crowd that Google chair Eric Schmidt was “in the house.” He then asked “approximately a dozen times, ‘Do y’all want Eric Schmidt to invest in DONDA?'” The crowd went wild. There’s nothing like peer pressure from a bunch of drunk groundlings to get a startup funded.

Mr. West is hell bent on turning DONDA, a startup boasting “app guys” and “tech guys,” into a trillion-dollar company. The mysterious brain trust was responsible for the set design of the fantabulous Yeezus show and honestly, if that’s any indication of DONDA’s skill set, the company deserves a major jolt of Google cash.

As for Mr. West’s funding techniques, we guess this method of using screaming, writhing human capital to inspire gigantic investments is just the beyond-famous entertainer’s version of making a Kickstarter.

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