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Good Guy Frank Bruni Returns Courtney Love’s Lost iPhone Via Twitter

Oh, Courtney!
Courtney Love (Photo: Getty)

Courtney Love (Photo: Getty)

Last night, presumably after leaving a séance with her coven of Instagram witches, Courtney Love left her iPhone in a yellow cab. Lucky for her, New York Times columnist and all around nice guy Frank Bruni found it, according to New York Magazine

Instead of attempting to turn a profit on the black market for Ms. Love’s iPhone photos of rudimentary song lyrics scrawled on napkins, Mr. Bruni used the rock mom’s favorite medium, Twitter, to notify her that he’d found her precious phone.

We’d love to know why the phone owner’s identity was such a dead giveaway. Was it the cracked screen? The scuffed Hello Kitty case? The bedazzled early ’00s antenna charm duct taped to the phone’s top right corner?

No, Mr. Bruni insists, the incoming texts did it. And shockingly, her phone bears no case and the screen is totally intact. So how did Mr. Bruni know? From NY Mag:

“But at the office, Bruni’s assistant, Isabella Moschen, realized she could see the incoming texts. ‘First I saw that Stella Schnabel had just texted her,’ said Moschen. ‘And then I noticed this name, Lo’renzo Hill-White, and I Googled him and he’s a celebrity stylist. Then there was Peri Lyons, the name sounded familiar to me, and I realized my uncle used to date her! She’s a psychic to the stars. I said to Frank, “It’s gotta be Courtney Love.”‘”

Times columnist, a ’90s rock goddess, a celebrity stylist, a “psychic to the stars” and a yellow cab? This story couldn’t be more New York if it involved Jerry Seinfeld and Spike Lee fighting over a cronut while complaining about the G train.

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