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Soon, Manhattan Bus Riders Will Be Able to Text the MTA to See Where Their Stupid Bus Is

Thank god.
Text me. (Photo: MTA)

Text me. (Photo: MTA)

In what could be life-changing news for the people of Manhattan, the MTA is soon going to let riders track their buses via text. WNYC Radio reports that the service is finally coming to the city by the end of month. That is, if signs that are plastered around the city are to be believed.

For now, only those fancy bus riders in Brooklyn and Staten Island can use “Bus Time,” a text-based service that displays how far away an approaching bus is.The text alert doesn’t give an exact time of arrival, but it does give you an excuse to browse Urban Outfitters even longer.

The system uses a fancy wireless system that tracks the busses via GPS to give readers a clue to as where the hell their bus is. By spring 2014, the MTA plans to ramp up the Bus Time service to all 6,000 buses across 250 routes at its 12,000 stops.

And we didn’t even need to text them to know that.

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