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Someone Allegedly Tried to Pass a Fake ‘Star Trek’ Tricorder Off as the Real Deal

"His scheme was pure science fiction."


Who hasn’t, probably while peeing into a cup or being poked for a blood sample, wished that the medical industry would go ahead and invent the tricorder from Star Trek already?

Don’t get carried so away with your wishful thinking that you write a check, though. The New York Post reports that federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have bagged one Howard Leventhal, who allegedly claimed he’d invented a similarly all-knowing diagnostic device that he dubbed the “McCoy.”

Sadly, prosecutors say it was all a sham and a con: “In reality, his scheme was pure science fiction, complete with phony documents and a fictional medical device,” said Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, hamming it up for the announcement.

Allegedly, he faked a contract with the Canadian government and managed to wrangle $800,000 from a Florida firm. He was busted when he tried selling his magic gadget to an undercover agent.

Surely there’s some way we can blame J.J. Abrams for this.

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