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New Yorkers Are Nation’s Most Likely To Stare At Our Smartphones During Funerals

Looking up data plans is sort of like death.
Bored, can you not? (Photo: Getty)

Bored, can you not? (Photo: Getty)

New Yorkers are so bored at funerals that instead of soberly paying their respects,they’d sit and shop for a new phone on their shitty old phone. That comes a from a survey compiled by research firm SOSTA which surveyed the habits of cell phone users in ten cities.

Although only six percent of New Yorkers admitted to doing that, it’s still three times higher than the people of Dallas, Philadelphia and Houston. Another 31 percent of our neighbors said they shop for new iPhones (or Samsung Galaxy, whatever) during meals, 12 percent admitted doing it during a meeting and another three percent confessed to being so bored on their date, they’d rather contemplate smartphone specs.

Not surprisingly, those jerks in San Francisco matched our propensity to be looking on our phones for other phones (how meta). Six percent of Californians admitted to doing so while driving (compared to five percent of New Yorkers) and 20 percent (more than double the New Yorkers) said they did so doing conference calls, presumably with boring VCs.

So enjoy your new inferiority complex about how you’re so boring that we’d rather look at new phones.


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