New York Comic Con Finds Out That Tweeting Without Attendees’ Permission Is Stupid

FYI: is going to be there.
He'll be there LMAO. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Blame him. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Organizers behind New York Comic Con discovered yesterday that sending out tweets without users’ permission is a dumb idea. The event caught flack when automatic tweets were dispatched from some attendees’ accounts.

Perhaps even more embarrassing than being publicly outed for attending the event, the tweets were promotional in tone. Per Polygon, the tweets contained phrases like “So much pop culture to digest! Can’t. handle. the. awesome. #NYCC” and “So much to see, so much to do! #NYCC 2013 I love you!” The tweets also included a link to NYCC’s Facebook page since brand engagement is important.

The attendees affected by the tweets had their badges link to their social media accounts and the messages were sent after their RFID badges were scanned upon entrance. Now organizers are blaming it on some presumably fired intern who forgot to turn off the “opt-in feature.”

An organizer released a statement to Polygon:

“This was an opt-in function after signing in, but we were probably too enthusiastic in our messaging and eagerness to spread the good word about NYCC. We have since shut down this service completely and apologize for any perceived overstep. Please accept our apologies and have an absolutely excellent time this weekend. “

Hope that doesn’t ruin the mood of this weekend’s Robot Chicken panel, you nerds.

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