Last Night Candy Crush Launched a Line of Real Candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar

The perfect candy for your sedentary, Candy Crush-focused lifestyle.
Someone RESCUE HER. (Photo: Candy Crush)

Someone RESCUE HER. (Photo: Kimberly Mufferi, courtesy Candy Crush)

“The minute I heard about Candy Crush, I though it was a candy or a soda,” said Dylan’s Candy Bar proprietor Dylan Lauren. “So I’m pretty, like, surprised that they didn’t launch a candy earlier.”

Ms. Lauren was presiding over a small party at her Candy Land-like temple to sugar yesterday evening, in honor of the launch of a line of Candy Crush-branded candies. Boxes are $4 a pop and available in four flavors; Dylan’s Candy Bar will sell them beginning Nov. 1, before they roll out to retailers including WalMart in the following days, WWD reports.

“I’ve started to play. I’m not as good. But I love the colors and the bubbly font,” Ms. Lauren admitted of the popular mobile game. “That’s actually why I’m excited about the product–the boxes have the graphics and you’re really eating the candies out of the game.”

“It’s a lot of just sitting in front of a computer, so it’s great to get out and see some physical product for once,” said King’s resident “games guru,” Tommy Palm. He admitted he’s only reached level 152. “The end of the 90s is super, super tricky levels.” No kidding, pal.

The frenetic candy store didn’t require too much dressing up to suit the occasion. (The party was very conveniently scheduled to start after a planned protest on behalf of disgruntled workers.) But there were two people dressed in enormous, bulky Candy Crush costumes, waving boxes of the new product. One red, the other yellow, the pair occupied a disproportionate amount of space as they danced (well, flailed) to pop music. At one point, we looked over to find them chest-bumping. Their suits were a bit battered, like they’d traveled for too long in the back of a truck.

If you’ve never been in close proximity to someone dressed as an enormous candy, it’s oddly unnerving. One minute you’re minding your own business and the next, a giant faceless yellow candy is dancing in your general direction.

As for the candy itself: surprisingly good! Betabeat tried the Color Bombs (nonpareils, really) and Mixed Fruit Gummies. They weren’t Jacques Torres truffles or anything, but good enough to gorge on if it lands in your Christmas stocking–and it probably will, considering how many of America’s moms are completely hooked on the game.

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