Director ‘Pranks’ Illegal Movie Downloaders With 80 Minutes of His Own Balls

Appropriately, the movie is about pickup artists.
Why? (IMDB)

Why? (IMDB)

These days even HBO can’t get too worked up about illegal downloads of Game of Thrones. But that didn’t stop one director from pranking movie pirates by uploading a version of his latest movie–after he’d replaced most of it with an extended shot of his bare balls.

Director Johan Kaos recently released Pornopung, a Norwegian comedy “featuring two pick up artists who share their tricks with a ‘novice’ called Christian.” The title is slang for “shaven balls”; here is the trailer.

He figured this masterpiece would make its way onto the Pirate Bay eventually. So he decided to take matters into his own hands, TorrentFreak reports, creating a second version starring his ‘nads and uploading it. He told the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten:

“The film clip was recorded as an impulse once I sat on the toilet. Actually, I considered filling the remaining 80 minutes by filming my butt, but then I realized how exceptionally bad it was going to be, aesthetically that is.”

Hence his balls, which were “a little more thematically relevant and easily more aesthetically pleasing, it seems, at least in my opinion.”

He swears he’s not just super pissy about illegal downloads, though: “In no way do I bear any grudges against people who download my film. It’s just a compliment that people want to see it. I would obviously prefer it if they chose to see it in theater.”

Guess this was just an excuse for Mr. Kaos to show off his testicles, then.

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