Love in the Time of Algorithms

Totally Polite and Reasonable Guy Steals Date’s Blackberry After She Declines to Split the Drink Bill

Joke's on him cuz Blackberries are worth way less than two drinks.


Before agreeing to go out with someone from an online dating service, it might be best to discuss just who is going to be picking up the tab to avoid any awkward dances when the check comes. Or, ya know, to avoid robbery.

The Telegraph reports that when one couple went out for drinks for the first time after meeting on the dating site Zoosk, things turned horribly wrong when the man, Kishore Nimmala, insisted that his date, Fakhara Sultana, split the £54 drink tab with him. Ms. Sultana said she didn’t have any money, and had assumed that Mr. Nimmala would be paying like many gentlemen offer to do on the first date.

Mr. Nimmala, it turns out, was no gentleman. Instead of politely shutting up and just paying for the damn thing, he chased her to the tube station and, when she still refused to cough up half the bill, he took her Blackberry in compensation.

We look forward to Mr. Nimmala’s complain-y thread on the men’s rights subreddit: “She refused to split the bill so I stole her phone because JUSTICE #misandryisreal.”

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