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‘Text Stops’ Are a Real Thing Being Installed on the Highways of New York State

We'd rather take more McDonald's, but fine.
"Stop texting!" (Photo: Flickr)

“Stop texting!” (Photo: Flickr)

If you don’t exhibit the self control required not to send a text while driving, then the state of New York is going indulge your sick cravings. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today the installation of several dozen “texting zones” on the side of the state’s major highways, which will make it a safe place for drivers to text.

The 91 areas, many of which are being added to pre-existing pull-off areas, will be marked by huge blue signs reading “Text Stop” and “It Can Wait.” Along with those morale boosting slogans, mileage markers will also signify how close drivers are to the areas.

It’s part of the state’s initiative to get people off their phones/gadgets/Kindles and focus on, you know, driving. Penalties for texting-and-driving recently increased to a $150 fine and five points on their driver’s license. (A full list of locations can be found here, but they’re mostly upstate.)

Gov. Cuomo made the announcement this morning at newly installed “texting zone” just south of Albany. “And the signs will say ‘it can wait’,” he said, according to WNYC. ““Because that’s the whole message. It can wait.”

But sometimes that perfect Snapchat opportunity can’t wait, Governor!

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