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Taking Selfies on an iPod Stolen from a Toddler Is One Way to Ensure Your Arrest

Teens are just getting out of control.
The suspect. (Photo: NYDN/NYPD)

The suspect. (Photo: NYDN/NYPD)

So, here’s a tip for robbers: If you’re going to steal someone’s new iPod, don’t take selfies, because you’ll just incriminate yourself

A teen learned that when she snatched the Apple device from a 2-year-old boy sitting in a stroller then took photos of herself–without knowing that they were linked to the toddler’s mom iPhone. The bizarre chain of events happened Friday in the Bronx.

The selfies made for a good mugshot, too. The New York Daily News reports that when his mother, 18-year-old Yoselin Huayan, reported the crime to the police, she had about two dozen photos of suspect Robin Pryor, 18,  in her possession. Pictures of Ms. Pryor included her performing the duck lips and flicking her middle finger toward the lens.

Partly due to the wide selection of photos, it took cops less than 16 hours to locate and arrest the suspect. Ms. Pryor was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. The iPod, however, was already sold before they found her. The 2-year-old wasn’t harmed and didn’t cry when the iPod was taken from him, but the suspect’s sheer stupidity has left his mom angry.

“She’s got to pay for what she did,” said Ms. Huayan to the newspaper. “He’s a baby. She could have done something to him.”

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