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New App Makes It Easier to Complain About Literally Anything to the City of New York

Sadly, there's no Seamless integration.
311+ app. (Photo: iTunes)

311+ app. (Photo: iTunes)

If getting late night drunk food delivered or shooing people off to do your errands isn’t satisfying your insatiable need to control every aspect of your life via your phone, now you can complain to the city of New York. And better yet, you don’t have to talk to anybody.

Called NYC 311+, the updated app lets annoyed citizens report problems ranging from graffiti, leaky pipes and road problems directly via their phones. It’s more versatile than the previous version of the app as it’s now available in 17 languages, accepts double the type of service requests and contains live subway updates. It’s available for iPhones and Android devices.

The app was released by city comptroller and lagging Democratic mayoral candidate John Liu. He acknowledged to the New York Daily News that we can’t stop complaining about everything so this hopefully puts a stop to it: “New Yorkers are a passionate, opinionated bunch, and NYC 311+ is a great way to connect people so they can work to improve their neighborhoods together,” said Mr. Liu.

Great, but can we complain about our smelly bodega cat too?

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