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Man Who Invented Ladyblogs Spends $50/Day on Woman to Rest His Laptop On

Bryan Goldberg has found a new desk and it is a woman.
(Screencap: THe New Yorker)

(Screencap: The New Yorker)

Guess who’s back (back again)? It’s Bryan Goldberg, the rather clueless Bleacher Report founder who’s decided his next big moneymaking venture is to spend small amounts of capital on large amounts of work produced in a kitschy Williamsburg apartment by young women writers. The New Yorker has a long feature on Mr. Goldberg and Bustle, the much-maligned women’s site he announced last month in a press release column posted on PandoDaily.

Since the launch, Mr. Goldberg has been accused of: naming the site off of a Victorian undergarment; lacking a fundamental understanding of the women’s media space; and flat out sexism. To combat these claims, Mr. Goldberg allowed himself to be photographed for the New Yorker piece using a young female writer in a short purple dress as a laptop stand, physically resting his Macbook on her lap.

The photo itself could serve as a grand metaphor for how Mr. Goldberg is exploiting his all-female writing staff by paying them very little money ($50/day!) for tons of work so that he can get rich off of their labor, but we’ll give Mr. Goldberg the benefit of the doubt and assume using a woman’s lap is simply more comfortable than sitting at a desk.

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