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Teens and Gamers Scatter as Country’s First Internet Addiction Program Opens

"Mom I'm FINE, I just need to upload this last Instagram!"
(Photo: chris.pirillo.com)

(Photo: chris.pirillo.com)

Stop making pouty faces into the Snapchat cam for just a sec and listen up: Internet addiction is real, and treatment for it has officially hit the U.S.

No longer will you have to fly all the way to Japan to find a place that can help tame your WoW obsession. Fox News reports that on September 9th, Bradford Regional Medical Center in central Pennsylvania will open the country’s first-ever Internet addiction treatment center.

The 10-day program will help sufferers come to terms with their addiction and figure out ways to mitigate it. Lest you think your love of Dots and Twitter means you’re headed for a psychiatric ward, the treatment is aimed at people whose lives were completely destroyed by their inability to log off.

“The 20-year-old who divides his time between his girlfriend and ‘World of Warcraft’ likely does not require intensive treatment,” says Fox News.

Tell that to his girlfriend, amiright.

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