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I Went to a Fancy Feast Fashion Show So It’s Pretty Much All Downhill From Here

Why? Uh, why not?
Look + muse. (Photo: Fancy Feast, via Twitter)

Look + muse. (Photo: Fancy Feast, via Twitter)

“When you think about cats, and when you think about women and fashion, and when you think about male cats as well, they’re all very confident. Very, like, strong,” said designer Malan Breton, whom you might remember from season three of Project Runway.

He was explaining why it actually wasn’t that hard to design a trio of pieces inspired by Fancy Feast. Yes, the actually-not-all-that-fancy brand of cat food.

“When you go home to your cat, that’s the first thing that comes to greet you. But you do anything that offends them, they just give you attitude and walk away,” Mr. Breton added. “So, like, it’s a little bit of attitude, a little bit of sexuality, a little bit of–it’s just about confidence.”

Mr. Breton himself said he has two Scottish Rexes. “You see them interacting, and they’re so lovely.”

Almost immediately upon entering the venue, Betatbeat spotted the Fancy Feast mascot (or one of them, anyway), stationed on a hot-pink couch and posing for pictures.

Well, sort of. The Silver Chinchilla Persian, easily recognized in her opulent white coat and bright green eyes, was focused primarily on eating the pate her trainer was scooping out of a fanny pack and feeding her, one spoonful at a time, in reward for looking at the camera on command. (This involved a clicker, which is apparently how you train a cat.)

We later learned that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham had stopped by and posed with the feline, who looks appropriately horrified in the resulting photo.

The room was full of girls wearing cat-ear headbands (which were being given away). We ventured further into the pavilion and found a room full of brand reps jockeying for the attention of whatever “influencers” publicists had managed to round up. There was a man roaming the floor with NJOY samples, for instance.

The lights quickly dimmed and models took the catwalk to a pulsing beat. Unfortunately, none of the models were cats; we’d really hoped for more cats. Instead, there were just a lot of preternaturally angular humans wearing metallics, the occasional ruffled button-down and even one dude in a shiny blazer/hoodie combo covered in Asian-ish embroidering. (He was not wearing a shirt underneath.) The stand-outs: two shiny, bright-orange suits. Fashion!

Then it was time for the Fancy-Feast-inspired grand finale: As a woman randomly sang “I Will Survive,” and out strode a model swathed in some sort of coat. She hit the end of the runway and dropped the top, revealing a formal white gown with black lace trim along the bust.

Also designed with the nameless mascot’s personal style in mind: a sleek white suit with black labels and a short white dress with a black sash, both of which were mixed into the show.

It’s impressive that Mr. Breton didn’t just slap cat faces on some youthful sportswear and call it a day. But it seems worth noting that none of these looks would fare very well for anyone with an actual cat. Too much shedding.

And now, here is an exclusive video interview with one of Fancy Feast’s regal mascots. God bless this ridiculous town.

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