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Goop Proprietor Gwyneth Paltrow Says the Internet Is ‘Really Upsetting’

Peak Goop.
"Internet is weird" - Goop. (Photo: Flickr)

“Internet is weird” – Goop. (Photo: Flickr)

You know who isn’t the biggest fan of the World Wide Web? Website owner, Aol host and app developer Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Duchess of Goop told E! News that the Internet is a cause of concern at her house because of all the weird things daughter Apple can see on it. It’s a freighting place, she said, like sitting through a viewing of View from the Top scary. Anyway, she sung the praises of her “super-smart” daughter for constant inquiries about normal childlike things, such as the sun, devil and renewable energy. 

But the one thing Goopalina is wary of explaining to Apple is the big, spooky Internet. The innocent 9-year-old was exposed to a “little something” naughty, probably an photo gallery, that’s forcing the tapioca-embossed actress to deliver a stern talking-to:. She elaborates:

“I just say [to Apple], ‘There are things on the Internet that are really upsetting and even as a grownup that are too upsetting for me,'” she said. “And if she has any questions please come to me and she’ll never be in trouble but that the Internet is not safe.”

Interestingly, that’s the same description she uses in’s sales presentation.

(Via D-Listed)

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