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Don’t Worry, MTA Is Going to Add Wi-Fi to Trains, It Just Has to Figure Out How

It's a nice thought.
WiFi soon? (Photo: Flickr)

WiFi soon? (Photo: Flickr)

There’s a lot of things MTA dangles in front of our wary eyes to prevent us from going crazy, but we’ve might have just heard the craziest proposition yet: cellphone and Wi-Fi on moving trains so that we’re never disconnected from the outside world again.

In what the New York Times says is the “first public acknowledgment” of the MTA’s plan to add cellphone service beyond stations, the ambitious idea was hinted at a public forum Tuesday. Currently, Wi-Fi and cellphone service is sporadically available at busy stations through a joint deal with Transit Wireless.

MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast says you can thank (or, uh, blame) annoying millennials who say that Internet access and cell phone service is an expectation, not a luxury. But beyond thinking about it, the MTA has no timeframe, vendors or how it would even finance it.

“Every time you provide Wi-Fi to a greater degree, they want to go to the next level,” said Mr. Prendergast. “That would be the next frontier. Exactly when, can’t say.”

OK then! Perhaps they should focus on getting that Second Avenue Subway line open within the next century.

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