Oh You Fancy Huh?

David Karp Has a Fancy New Loft in Williamsburg and It Is ‘Mildly Steampunk’

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do u like my cool new house (Photo: Getty)

do u like my cool new house (Photo: Getty)

Everybody praise Tumblr founder David Karp, for he has managed to complete a bajillion dollar renovation on a stunning Williamsburg loft, all the while avoiding the tacky Star Trek vision that most people conjure when picturing the abode of a tech founder. That is the takeaway from a design story in the New York Times, which spotlights Mr. Karp’s recently completed spacious loft apartment in the heart of South Williamsburg.

Mr. Karp’s new digs shun the traditional emblems of tech geeks: there are no screens or shiny modern touches. Instead, his fancy interior designer described it as “mildly steampunk,” with giant windows, exposed brick walls and a massive clawfoot tub placed smack in the middle of the top floor.

As the visionary behind Tumblr, Mr. Karp is very particular about design, including the notion that drywall has destroyed Tribeca. Likewise for fancy condos gentrifying Williamsburg–with its rustic charm, Mr. Karp’s loft is in no way similar to the other tacky buildings driving rent up in Brooklyn:

“I get so nauseated when I see these big glassy things,” he says, which look like “something out of Florida.” He denounces the spread of “generic, superbland architecture by people who decided that contemporary architecture is big glassy buildings. The stuff bums me out.”

Regardless of his questionable choice in fixtures, he’s got one thing right: Palo Alto certainly does seem like a miserable place to live.

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