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Building Superintendents Can Get Free Time Warner Cable If They Snoop On Residents, Sell Soul

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Just not into the apartment. (Photo: Time Warner)

Just not into the apartment. (Photo: Time Warner)

You’re going to want to stab another few pins into your Time Warner voodoo doll after hearing this one. For years, the cable conglomerate has been offering discounted (or even free) service to buildings’ supers in exchange for easier access to its repair technicians.

But as Tom Hogan, a super in Manhattan, recently told the New York Times, Time Warner is perhaps overstaying its welcome. It asked Mr. Hogan to sign a contract that would let him keep receiving the discounted service if he snooped on his tenants and let salespeople into the building to hustle its products. And for every three leads that turned into a sale, he would get a free month of Internet.

It’s part of Time Warner’s Apartment Managers’ Program, that Mr. Hogan wasn’t a member of yet. After contemplating all the new rules and regulations, he decided it felt like too much of a “borderline kickback.” He refused to sign it and his cable was cut.

“I looked at this and I thought, ‘This looks like double dipping,’ ” Mr. Hogan said to the newspaper. “I can’t do this.”

A TWC spokesperson defended the agreement, reasoning that it accelerates repair speeds and that the company is being forced by the IRS to keep better track of these types of contracts. “The people in these programs, they’re not going to do it for free. We’re building a good relationship,” the spokesman said.

As for Mr. Hogan, he said he uses rabbit ears to watch television now. We’ll let you know if you miss anything important on Giuliana and Bill!

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