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Blogger Calls 911 After People Use Their Phones in a Movie Screening

Good use of police time.
(Photo: Blogspot)

(Photo: Blogspot)

Robbery, harassment, arson, murder: these are all legitimate reasons to call 911. Do you know what is not a legitimate reason to call 911? Cuz somebody in your movie screening won’t put down their cell phone.

The AP reports that Alex Billington, a writer for, became so infuriated that his fellow moviegoers were using their phones during a midnight screening at a Toronto movie theater that he decided to get the police involved. He tried to couch the move by claiming that the offenders attending the closed screening were actually using their phones to pirate the film. The officers laughed at him, naturally.

“I’m just trying to fight the good fight,” Mr. Billington wrote, “even if others don’t agree with my methods.”

Using your phone in the movie theater is rude as hell, but not usually worth a police visit.

Can we get Anil Dash over here for a counterpoint?

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