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At Baby DJ School, Tots Drop Bombs (And Not Just in Their Diapers)

Just swap that bag of molly for some non-GMO formula and it's the same scene, really.
"That's that shit" (Photo:

“Yyyyyyew that’s that shit” (Photo:

“My name is Oliver and I’m here to say/I like organic onesies and gluten-free cake,” is just one of the rhyming couplets we imagine Brooklyn babies are incorporating into their sick beats at a new DJ school for babies. Because, yes, Baby DJ School exists nowadays.

It’s an eight-week program for individuals ages three and below. Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, a DJ who’s worked with LCD Soundsystem, Fischerspooner, and other big kids with turntables, will orchestrate the whole thing.

Baby DJ School will run you $200 per family for an eight-week course that meets for 45 minutes each Wednesday. The accompanying press release asks:

“Why should children hear the same nursery songs underscored by the same instruments time and time again? Switch out a guitar for a sampler, a piano for a mixing board and a song about black sheep for a song about back beats, and you have an exciting new musical landscape that both young and old will enjoy.”

As musical arrangement becomes more and more tech-oriented, you’d think the skill level required would be advancing, as well.  But as the release points out, babies are totes capable of pushing buttons and moving sliders, although the skills required to wipe themselves still evade them.

And here we thought teaching dogs how to use iPads was a little much.

(h/t Gothamist)

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