Time Warner Is Offering Free Antennae and Amazon Gift Cards to Make You Forget About the CBS Kerfuffle

NCIS repeats on USA, you know.
You people watch this? (Photo: CBS)

You people watch this? (Photo: CBS)

One could say that Time Warner subscribers have been living ~under the dome~ since early August, when the cable provider cut off access to CBS. In an effort to justify that $150 monthly bill, Time Warner is offering a gift bag of goodies to shut your complaint-filled face.

Time Warner has a “limited quantity of basic indoor antennas” on hand (we’re thinking rabbit ears wrapped in foil and plucked from your grandmother’s television) to offer to those affected by the blackout. If you’re too lazy to find a Time Warner office, the cable conglomerate will also deliver $20 Best Buy gift cards for antennas redeemable at some store locations upon request.

Since none of us are going to do that, subscribers should patiently keep checking their mailbox for a perk that’s actually worth it: a free movie-on-demand coupon and Amazon gift cards. The Tennis Channel will also be available for free during next week’s U.S. Open since CBS carries some matches.

The blackout is rolling into its fifth week as CBS and Time Warner dispute over retransmission fees.

Hopefully they stop fighting because 2 Broke Girls premieres in exactly a month!

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