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Tim Ferriss Is Working on a Primetime TV Show, Says Tim Ferriss

Also, he thinks there's too much dumb money in startups.
TeeVee! (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

TeeVee! (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Bad news, guys: It sounds like Startupland might be losing 4-Hour Workweek scribe and Valley guru Tim Ferriss. Or at least his money, anyway.

Mr. Ferriss recently sat down for a chat with Fortune and revealed that, in fact, he’s “considering dialing my startup involvement.” (We think he meant “back,” but it looks like somebody dropped a word.) Why’s that? Too much dumb money:

“You have people signing deals offering unbelievably insane terms to early stage companies that haven’t validated their product at all. That’s great for the entrepreneurs because even if 99 stupid ideas are funded, there should be 1 out of 100 that could change the world. For someone capital-constrained, it makes investing intelligently very difficult.”

Not sure we’d peg the world-changing ratio at 1:100, but otherwise he ain’t wrong.

We’ve got to wonder, though, whether this is more about what else he’s got on his plate. He’s not publishing anything for a while (“I think there’s going to be a bloodbath or arms race over say, the next 24 months, and I want to wait until the dust settles”). Instead, he’ll be “executive producing and hosting my own TV show on primetime,” sometime “very, very soon,” he hint-hinted to Fortune.

Please, please let it be some sort of America’s Got Talent for sexathletes, based on the principles outlined in The 4-Hour Body.

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