Ride or Die

This Weekend You Can Ride UberX for Free–As Long As You Start or End in Brooklyn

Plus, they've got DEALS.
The borough of skulls!(Photo: Uber)

The borough of skulls!(Photo: Uber)

This ought to help you cram in a couple more nights of sloshed summer bar-hopping. This weekend, Uber will be shamelessly attempting to buy our affections by making it free to ride UberX with a discount code–as long as your trip begins or ends in Brooklyn, that is.

It’s basically the UBERChopper promotion, but for Girls super-fans and New York Times trend-spotters.

In addition to carting your tipsy butt back to Murray Hill or Red Hook or wherever, Uber has also partnered with several hotspots in Brooklyn to offer deals to riders. You can show your receipt from your trip to the borough and get free stuff, like a jello shot at the Meatball Shop or a free swimming pass at King and Grove. (Only the person who pays gets ‘em, though.) Here’s a map of all the offers.

There is, however, some fine print. You’re limited to two trips, so it’s like not you’ve got a personal chauffeur, and Uber’s actually only covering $20 worth of the ride. Don’t count on zipping from Greenpoint to the Dairy Queen at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, in other words. You can check potential fares here. There’s no surge pricing, but there’s a good chance drivers will be scarce as hens’ teeth.

Incidentally, did you know that Uber NYC is actually based in Long Island City? Come on, guys, where’s the love?

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