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Taste Testers Think Sergey Brin’s Test Tube Burger Frankly Could Use Some Salt

Cool science fiction burger but it could use some more salt and pepper.
(Photo: sisterearthorganics)

(Photo: sisterearthorganics)

As it turns out, Sergey Brin doesn’t have his sights set entirely on crash-resistant self-driving cars or dorky-looking face computers. The Google cofounder is expanding his futuristic interests and dipping a toe into the Ray Kurzweil pool by fully funding the creation of a lab-grown burger manufactured by scientists using cow stem cells.

The five-ounce test tube burger, which Mr. Brin fronted $325,000 to help produce, was unveiled at a taste test event in London today by Dutch researchers. Dr. Mark Post and his team at Maastricht University used cow stem cells to grow over 20,000 muscle fibers, then carefully pressed them together to create the patty.

Mr. Brin and team are hoping to create a burger that is biologically identical to meat but can be grown in a lab, thus circumventing certain animal cruelty and environmental issues inherent to meat production. But the real question of course is: how does a “burger” grown in a test tube actually taste?

“I was expecting the texture to be more soft,” one taste tester said, according to the Verge. “But there is quite a bit of flavor.” Another noted that the scientific marvel which researchers spent years painstakingly producing could, quite frankly, use some damn salt and pepper.

Yeah, think we’ll stick to veggie burgers for the time being.

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