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Surgeons Finally Devise Cure for Chronic Bitchface

Turn that frown upside down...permanently.
(Photo: Facebook)

(Photo: Facebook)

South Korea, the leading capital for unnecessary surgeries performed on already beautiful young women, has developed yet another technique to fix a problem you never knew you had. The Atlantic reports that a new surgery, called Smile Lipt, promises to rid you of your chronic bitchface and give you the appearance of a constant smile.

According to the Facebook page of Aone Plastic Surgery, a Seoul-based practice that claims to have perfected the procedure:

After Smile Lipt surgery, mouth corners lifted upward even with just a little bit of movement and makes smiling lips, thus the middle part of upper lip won’t be lifted to show the gum. If gum is exposed with smiling, Smile Lipt is the most effective and simple method. At the same time, the smiling feature becomes very elegant.

The effects are more creepy cheshire cat than adorable Pusheen, not to mention they diminish your ability to smirk, which in Betabeat’s opinion is humanity’s number-one most important talent.

Still, the surgery means you would no longer have to respond to creepy strangers telling you to smile with the indignant retort, “My face just DOES THIS, okay?”

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