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Study Foiled When Researchers Can’t Find Men Who Play Computer Games for Less Than 2 Hours a Day



When attempting to complete a study on how playing the computer game “StarCraft” impacts mental faculties, researchers at Queen Mary University of London and University College London ran into a minor snag: For their sample pool, they’d need inexperienced gamers to participate, but they couldn’t find any men who fit that criteria. Guess your boyfriend isn’t so abnormal after all.

The study, which did find that playing “StarCraft” improves “cognitive flexibility,” had to be conducted on an all-female group instead of an equally male/female one, because “researchers were unable to find male participants who played computer games for less than two hours a day.” According to The Wall Street Journal:

“We screened hundreds of prospective participants and only found a handful of males that met the criteria for novice gamer,” study co-author Brad Love from University College London said.

If there are so few novice gamers, why does this reporter always kick so much ass on XBox Live?

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