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Someone Mailed Jay Z 99 Boxes of Captain Crunch After He Tweeted That It’s His Favorite Cereal


(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

#factsonly: We here at Betabeat will never forget the glorious day that Jay Z decided to take to Twitter for a few hours and offer us a much-needed break from the summer doldrums.

During his brief stint on the platform he coined several memorable hashtags, such as #mylaugh, a replacement for “lol.” He also spent time answering questions from Twitter users, one of whom asked what his favorite cereal is. “cap’n crunch growing up,” he responded. “I haven’t had cereal in a bit.”

According to an interview Jay Z did yesterday with Power 106 FM Los Angeles, after admitting to his penchant for Captain Crunch on Twitter, “someone” sent him 99 boxes of the Quaker Oats cereal, just because he mentioned liking it on Twitter.

“It’s a gift and a curse, it’s good and it’s bad,” he said of the power of social media. “I got 99 boxes of Captain Crunch. I guess that’s the good part of it.”

[Insert “99 Problems” joke here.]

Update 8/7: We’ve discovered who the sender was and of course it was a social media stunt from the official @CaptainCrunch Twitter account. Please enjoy this picture of several Captain Crunch boxes assembled into the shape of a throne (#crunchthethrone, get it?).

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