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Smoochin’ Without Gluten: New Dating Site Matches Sad People Who Can’t Eat Bread

Hurry up with my damn almond-flour croissants.
"Let's chop peppers because that's all we can eat!" (Photo:

“Let’s chop some produce because that’s all we can eat!” (Photo:

Attempting to live life without gluten comes with many annoyances. There’s the near-impossible feat of ordering in restaurants, the jacked-up prices for gluten-free goods, and worst of all, dealing with people who interrogate you every time you turn down a slice of cake or pizza, then roll their eyes when you tell them you can’t eat gluten.

Finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, though, is probably like 23rd on the list of things that bother people with gluten intolerance. It just isn’t really an issue.

But if you simply insist on finding a mate who has the same highly specific allergy as you do (or is willing to date someone with celiac), there’s a new website called GlutenfreeSingles.

At GlutenfreeSingles, “you never have to feel alone, awkward, or a burden because you are gluten-free,” the site says. It also functions as a social network for the gluten-eschewing, with a chat feature that will enable users to trade stories about nasty allergic reactions and how much they miss pie.

GlutenfreeSingles does not appear to have a JDate-esque “willing to convert” (or willing to date someone with celiac) box to check, which may be a missed opportunity. Dating someone who can’t eat gluten comes with many fringe benefits, such as being able to eat the entire bread basket yourself every time you dine out, and never having to share your sandwich.

Camaraderie is great for any marginalized group, and if you think people who can’t eat gluten aren’t marginalized, just try attending a baby shower and avoiding everything with flour in it, without being made to feel like a leper. At least people with celiac can rest assured that gluten-free brownies are better than all the other brownies combined.

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