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Pssh, Leonardo DiCaprio Thinks He’s Buzz Lightyear

Okay fine we're just jealous.
Sick helmet (Photo:

Sick helmet (Photo:

Leonardo DiCaprio zipped around Ibiza on some sort of high-tech jet-propelled marine hoverboard recently, proving that even dorks in helmets can date Victoria’s Secret models (well, provided those dorks are Leonardo DiCaprio).

The apparatus is known as a Flyboard, the Daily Mail reports in its story, which is mostly about Mr. DiCaprio’s alleged “growing paunch”. The article includes even more pics of the star having a blast in the waters of Ibiza.

He tested the Flyboard while taking a break from an exhaustive schedule of hanging out on billionaire Vladislav Doronin’s yacht, the Mail says. His girlfriend stood by helplessly as he had his hair tied into an adorable little ponytail with a blue scrunchie and generally acted a fool.

The Flyboard website includes links to distributors around the world, and it appears the apparatus costs about $6,000, but having the memory of looking like a low-budget video game hero, of course, is priceless.

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