Love in the Time of Algorithms

Poly Couples Using Google Calendar to Schedule All Their Awesome Sex Stuff

This is kind of genius.


In an effort to digitally manage their complicated love lives, polyamorous couples are taking to Google Calendar to schedule their various dates, at least according to a new documentary by the BBC. The Radio 4 documentary entitled Monogamy and the Rules of Love argues that dating different people at once may soon become the norm, and mentions that tech tools make it easier for poly couples to get a handle on their busy schedules.

“We use a Google calendar to keep track of date nights,” said Charlie, who’s one half of a poly couple. “Who gets the TV and who is in what bedroom.”

Using Gcal as a pro-poly tool is so popular that there’s even an entry about it in the Sex Positive Wiki: “It’s been described as the ‘killer app’ for people who identify as polyamorous because it allows multiple users to maintain shared or private calendars and can greatly ease the polyamorous lifestyle’s challenge of time management.”

The upside of being in a polyamorous relationship, besides the fact that you get to sleep with multiple people and use Gcal for way cooler things than “Meeting with the boss”? It’s probably near impossible to snap a dick pic to the wrong person.

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