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People in Connecticut Thought It Was a Good Idea to Call 911 Because Their Cable Was Broken

Glad you guys survived this moment of strife.
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When the cable goes out, normal people complain about it on Twitter. In Connecticut, people call 911.

That’s what happened last night in southern Connecticut when affected Optimum Cable subscribers decided that missing an episode of Breaking Bad or Eat Drink Love was akin to suffering a major heart attack. Service was down for about two hours during primetime because of a power outage in Norwalk.

Confused as to what to do and too impatient to wait until the next day, people started calling 911. That unsurprisingly pissed off emergency dispatchers.

On Facebook, the Fairfield Police Department told everyone to stop bothering them since the service disruption was “neither an emergency or a police related concern.” They added that misuse of the 911 system might result in arrest, and frankly there’s no on demand access in prison.

Service was restored at 11 p.m. just in time for another exciting episode of Talking Bad.

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