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Outraged San Franciscans Trying to Ship Douchey Startup Founder Back to New York

Awww, you guys really shouldn't have.


Startup founder Peter Shih ignited a West Coast firestorm yesterday after publishing a rant to Medium (now deleted) entitled “10 Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition.” It was a clumsy, failed attempt at “humorous satire” that read like an entitled douchebag flippantly complaining about serious systemic issues like homelessness. (We’re sure the defunding of San Francisco mental health facilities hasn’t contributed to the amount of mentally ill homeless citizens¬†at all, for example.)

The Uptown Almanac published a thorough evisceration of the widely-derided piece, which seemed to encompass everything many have come to despise about the nouveau tech class: entitlement, ignorance of class and social issues and an astounding lack of self-awareness coupled with an inflated sense of their own worth.

Now, fed up San Franciscans are fighting back, according to Business Insider. Arnie Gullov-Singh, the CRO of Polyvore, tweeted a photo of a sign plastered to a telephone pole in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood announcing that Mr. Shih, who runs a mobile payments startup called Celery and is a member of the Y Combinator incubator, should perhaps just return to New York if he hates the Bay so much.

We know he messed up and everything, but it’d be really cool if you guys could keep him? We have plenty of douchey startup founders in New York to go around, and frankly we just don’t have the capacity for him at this time. Thanks for thinking of us, though!

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