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Okay, Who Put a Dead Shark on the N Train?

'Fess up.


Photos of a small dead shark casually hanging out on the N train went viral this morning after Gothamist posted a gallery of them. According to witnesses, the shark was discovered around 12 a.m. when a passenger boarded the Queens-bound N train at 34th St.

Betabeat has several theories about how this poor deceased ocean creature ended up on the godforsaken N train in the middle of the night:

  • The Discovery Channel is now planting dead sharks on the subway in a twisted attempt at viral marketing for Shark Week.
  • Some meth head thought a great way to celebrate Shark Week would be to murder a shark and leave it on the subway.
  • Sharknado (sorry)
  • Anthony Weiner planted it to detract attention from his sexting scandal.
  • It’s New York, you don’t really need a reason for a dead shark being on the subway.

“Live sharks are wrangled by Shark Maintainer IIs, who have passed the qualification test and have minimum three years in the Shark Maintainer I title,” an MTA spokesperson/burgeoning standup comedian told Gothamist. “Dead ones are handled by Shark Maintainer Is, or if none are available on that shift, then by Aquatic Mammal Handler IIs.” (Sharks aren’t mammals, but sure okay.)

Whoever did this: not cool. Sharks may not be mammals and they may be capable of tearing you limb from limb, but no living thing deserves to be left on the N train to die. At least it wasn’t the G?

Update: The Discovery Channel has denied this is a Shark Week viral marketing scheme, so at least there’s that.

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