Jesus died for our selfies

NYPL Gives Up on Books, Lures Visitors With Photo Booths That Take Selfies

Oh brother.
Richert would. (Photo: NYPL)

Richert would. (Photo: NYPL)

Not even libraries are immune from to stupid selfies. The New York Public Library is making it easier for you to contort your duck lips and squint your eyeballs with the installation of photo booths.

Library-goers can have their photos snapped for free, then emailed to them and even placed on the website for all to see, proof that you actually stepped into a library. They’re only at the 42nd Street and Mid-Manhattan locations, but the booth will venture to other branches soon.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a hashtag for users to share on social media: #NYPLPhotobooth.

Because it’s a library, the photo booth naturally must come with some sort of “lesson” to be “learned.” The NYPL also points that famed artist Andy Warhol was “seemingly obsessed” with them and used pictures produced from the machines to paint himself and celebrities. Despite the invention of Instagram and camera-equipped smartphones, the library said photo booths are still popular today and is one way of honoring them.

Make sure you hold your copy of Lean In close to your face to at least give off the impression that you’re reading it.

(Via Gothamist)

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