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NYPD Busts Rapper Who Boasted About His Illegal Guns on Instagram and YouTube

PSA: Your social media accounts are public.
The evidence. (Photo: NYPD)

The evidence. (Photo: NYPD)

You don’t get the feeling that when up-and-coming rapper Matthew Best was choosing the Rise filter for his pictures of illegally smuggled assault weapons, he fully intended on receiving anything more than a few faves. His social media trail assisted the New York Police Department yesterday in its biggest gun bust ever that led to the seizure of 250 firearms and 19 arrests.Guns were smuggled from North and South Carolina to the city in the luggage of Chinatown-based discount buses, investigators uncovered during their 10-month operation. An undercover cop posing as a gun broker bought the guns last year that led the NYPD to the discovery of the 20 smugglers, including Mr. Best.

He was under investigation for drugs when the police creeped on his Instagram and YouTube accounts, where he bragged about his cache of guns and cash. The photo and videos have been deleted.

More than 200 weapons were purchased for $160,000 by the undercover officer. The operation was mostly based at Mr. Best’s recording studio in the Ocean Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. He used that space to record his videos and upload pictures to Instagram. Police commissioner Ray Kelly remarked upon the rapper’s ill-fated bragging:

“Best posted several photos of guns and cash on Instagram, and in the video he posted on YouTube, he boasted, ‘Packing more guns than the Air Force,’ ” Kelly said.

Mr. Best, who’s first name is actually Neno, was indicted on one count of conspiracy. If convicted, he faces four years in prison along with a massive decline in his Klout score.

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