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Now You Can Watch a Live Stream of Andy Warhol’s Grave at All Times

Top that, Lady Gaga.
Andy Warhol's grave. (Screengrab:

Andy Warhol’s grave. (Screengrab:

Today would have been Andy Warhol’s 85th birthday, and his namesake foundation is celebrating with a stunt that pop art’s pop-pop would have loved: they’ve launched a live, 24/7 video feed of his grave.

Mr. Warhol’s grave is in his hometown of Pittsburgh, The Verge reports, and attracts many fans. The project is called Figment because Mr. Warhol once said he wanted his tombstone to simply read, “Figment.” 

Whoever picked his grave maybe didn’t know that, as it appears to be a run-of-the-mill name, birthdate, deathdate affair — pretty standard and oddly just like your grandparents’ resting places, aside from the webcam, flowers, balloons, and adoring fans.

From The Verge:

Figment is “a really fantastic way to put Andy on the air 24/7 and plug in to our global audience,” said Warhol museum director Eric Shiner to the Associated Press. “We believe that this will give Warhol the pleasure of knowing that he is still plugged in and turned on over 25 years after his death.”

We have to agree that this is totally up his alley, and if Mr. Warhol lived through the digital age, he’d have pulled stunts like this all the time.

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