Nina Garcia Is Going to Judge New York Fashion Week #ThroughGlass

She's going to make it work. (wink.gif)
Gorgeous. (Photo: YouTube)

Gorgeous. (Photo: YouTube)

<Heidi Klum voice> Nina Garcia, creative director for Marie Claire magazine and Project Runway judge </Heidi Klum voice> is going to put all of you Google Glass wearers to shame at New York Fashion Week by donning the device for the entire event. The whole scheme frankly sounds like it’s part of a role playing game dubbed “Be Nina” where she will beam sights and sounds from next month’s NYFW to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine.

WWD declares this is the first time a magazine editor will cover the Lincoln Center event from Glass’s point of view. It’s also the first time where the Google Glass wearer doesn’t look like a complete dope. Last year, several models flaunted the device and even they looked dorky.

Mrs. Garcia will reveal all that she sees to her nearly 1 million Twitter followers and 55,000 fans on Instagram, including the fashion shows, the hungry models and the paparazzi. She did say there was a learning curve when she first tried on the $1,500 Internet-connected face computer:

“Usually I have lots of devices during fashion week. Google Glass Expedition is controlled by your voice or a tap of your finger. It’s a very different device than the iPhone. It’s like wearing a little computer,” she said. “It’s a hands-free experience which is kind of liberating. I can go to a show and just be and not be looking down at my iPhone all the time.”

Mrs. Garcia doesn’t have a “formal relationship” with Google, she notes. But you can’t take her off the catwalk since she is already passing judgement on Glass. She derided the device’s short battery life that lasts for a measly one to two hours.

“You know fashion week is never a one- or two-hour day — it’s more like 12 hours,” she quipped.

(Via WWD)
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