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Man Fined $32K for Jamming Newark Airport’s Signals Because He Wanted to Avoid Work

Just call in sick, dude.

Jammed. (Photo: Flickr)

Jammed. (Photo: Flickr)

A New Jersey man has figured out the stupidest way to hide from his employer — and he’s being charged a lot money for it.

The FCC is imposing a civil penalty on Gary Bojczak, which includes a $32,000 fine, for illegally using a GPS jamming device to avoid being tracked by his employer after it interfered with Newark Liberty Airport’s satellite-based tracking system.

Investigators said Mr. Bojcazk rolled up to the airport last August in his Ford pickup and was “emanating signals within a restricted frequency band used by the augmentation system.”According to, the FCC concluded that the jammer, installed to hide his location from his employer, also managed to screw with the airport’s signals that assist in aircrafts’ takeoffs and landings:

“Mr. Bojczak claimed that he installed and operated the jamming device in his company-supplied vehicle to block the GPS … system that his employer installed in the vehicle,” the FCC decision stated.

Although the man doesn’t have a phone number listed, the website said a man of the same name is listed on LinkedIn working for a construction firm. When Mr. Bojczak surrendered the device, the FCC investigators knew they had their guy because the signals ceased.

All that for wanting to eat his sandwich in peace.

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